Some facts about African Boerboel

Published: 17th March 2011
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Boerboel is an African dog breed that is known for its intelligence. This dog alwayslikes to work and get trained. It has a very calm and a friendly character. Specially bred for protection, the dog can sense danger and provide effective protection when you really need someone to take care of you. This breed is fond of playing with kids and other members of family hence a very dependable dog. At times, it can put its life on the line in order to protect its masters and the home where it lives. If you are looking for a bright dog, which is both submissive and loyal, then it is the right breed for you.

The African Boerboel comes with a short, smooth and dense coat and for this reason it needs occasional brushing and bathing. It is a large and impressively muscular looking dog. Unlike other large breeds, this dog moves swiftly and catches things quickly. If you have kids at home then it can be the best watchman for them. It will befriend everyone in the family. Its sheer size and strength can make anyone afraid from entering your premises without its permission.

The average life of the African Boerboel is twelve years but if taken care, it can live up to fifteen years. The dog is relatively healthy, only barring a few health issues but it doesnít have serious problems. Like other breeds, this dog also suffers from hop and elbow dysplasia. It also has some allergies. With the help of a vet, you can keep your puppy healthy, strong and robust. Just feed the puppy properly, get it checked on time and it is ready to protect your property.

The right time to buy an African Boerboel is when the puppy is more than or at least seven weeks old. Adopt the puppy from a reliable shop where pets are treated like family members. And donít forget to get the puppy checked before adopting. Your pet shop owner would give you details about its eating habits and sleeping time. At home, assign a corner or a secluded place where it could rest. The dog is well build so take care when it is playing with kids. Also it is wary of strangers and donít hesitate to bark and overpowering people it doesnít know. So every time someone comes to your house, make sure that the dog behaves friendly.

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